Saturday, July 07, 2007

CBDI eLearning materials

I have been converting some of the CBDI SOA training material into eLearning modules. Starting with a series of modules on Business Service Architecture and Service Identification, which were originally developed by my colleague John Dodd. This will also give us an opportunity to restate our position on service classification and layering, following the recent emergence of service taxonomies from various vendors including Microsoft and SAP.

I don't yet know how much of this material is going to be put into the public domain, and how much of it is going to be reserved for paying subscribers. Not my call, I'm afraid.

I'm off to Canada later this month to teach a class in business modelling for SOA. If the first eLearning modules go down well, I'll be looking to convert the business modelling material into eLearning modules as well. I've also had some requests to convert my podcasts on Data Management for SOA. Watch this space.


I am no longer working for CBDI, and the materials are now offline. Please contact Everware-CBDI for access to these materials.

Updated 17 Feb 2016

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