Saturday, April 28, 2018

Be the Change

Anyone fancy a job as Head of Infrastructure? Here is the job description, posted to Linked-In earlier this week.

We're responsible for "IT Change", including the end to end architecture, deployment and maintenance of IT infrastructure technologies across [organization]. We’re the first technical point of contact for people in [organization] who want to speak to the CIO function. We take business requirements and architect solutions, then work with [group IT] to input the solution into our data centres.
We provide direction, thought leadership, guidance and subject matter expertise on our IT estate to make sure we get the maximum value from our investment in our IT. We do this by defining our IT strategy and aligning it with Group IT, producing technology roadmaps and identifying and recommending IT solution opportunities, supporting business initiatives and ideas, and documenting and managing our architecture assets.
The Head of Infrastructure is a key leadership role in the CIO and critical to the delivery of both customer and partner facing technology. Working closely with our technology supplier, group IT, CISO and Service Management teams, this leader will be accountable for the end to ends analysis, design, build, test and implementation of; Platforms and Middleware, Network and Communications, Cloud Services, Data Warehouse and End User Services.

The job description contains a number of key words and phrases that architects should be comfortable with - direction, strategy, alignment, thought leadership, roadmaps, architecture assets.

But perhaps the first clue that there may be something amiss with this position is the fact that "IT Change" is in quotes. (As if to say that in IT, nothing really changes.)

The Register has contacted the person who is (according to Linked-In) currently holding this position. Is he moving on, moving up? Could this vacancy be connected in any way with recent IT difficulties facing the organization? (No answer reported. Curious.)

The recent IT difficulties facing this particular organization have come to the attention of politicians and the media. After the chair of the Treasury Select Committee described the situation as having "all the hallmarks of an IT meltdown", the word "meltdown" is now the descriptor of choice for journalists covering the story.

But help is at hand: IBM has kindly volunteered to help sort out the mess. So we can guess what "working closely with our technology supplier" might look like.

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