Saturday, December 02, 2017

UK Retail Data Breaches

Some people talk as if data protection and security must be fixed before May 2018 because of GDPR. Wrong. Data protection and security must be fixed now.

Morrisons (2014)

The High Court has just found Morrisons to be liable for a leak of employee data by a disaffected employee in 2014. (The perpetrator got eight years in jail.)

Sports Direct (2016)

A hacker obtained employee details in September 2016, but Sports Direct failed to communicate the breach to the affected employees.

CEX (2017)

Second-hand gadget and video games retailer Cex has said up to two million customers have had their data stolen in an online breach

Zomato (2017)

Up to 17 million users affected by data breach at restaurant search platform Zomato

Tesco Bank (2016)

Cyber thieves steal £2.5m

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