Saturday, February 04, 2017

Personalized emails (not)

Here's a sample from my email inbox, which arrived yesterday.

Dear Richard
I know how important your organization's big data strategy is. That's why I want to personally invite you to attend our webinar. 

How does he know? Is he basing his knowledge on big data or extremely small data? I'm curious to know which.

And what is his idea of a personal invitation? Does he think that personalization is achieved by having his email software insert my first name into the first line? Gosh, how very customer-centric!

But at least the email arrived at a civilized time. Unlike the one that arrived as I was getting into bed the other night, from an eCRM system whose idea of personalization didn't extend to checking what time zone I was in. I guess one must be grateful for these small mercies.

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Lindsey said...

That's quite fascinating, for companies to send out emails that address you with your first name. You might not be impressed with emails like this, but I think it's quite effective. At least, brands are making efforts to communicate with you as an individual, rather than just another faceless customer.