Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Managing Business Transformation

Just putting together the material for my new workshop next week.

This is the third day of my Business Architecture series. The first two days cover the six business architecture viewpoints. The idea is that people can tale these separately or together.

Day One - Modelling Business Operations 
Exploring process quality issues using the Activity Viewpoint, Knowledge (Information) Viewpoint and Motivation (Purpose) Viewpoint.

Day Two – Modelling Business Organization 
Exploring business relationships and strategy, using the Capability Viewpoint, Responsibility (Organizational) Viewpoint and Cybernetic Viewpoint.

Day Three – Managing Business Transformation 
Process guidelines and roadmap for business architects to analyse and manage structural change in large complex organizations.


Here are some of the questions we shall be addressing on Day Three.

  • Why does my organization need business architecture? 
  • What kind of business problems and risks can business architecture address?
  • What outcomes should business architects deliver?
  • What architectural process should business architects follow?
  • What tools and techniques can business architects deploy?
  • How should business architecture activity be managed?

Draft timetable

Business Context

  • Multi-sided markets and indirect value
  • Virtual organizations
  • Extreme business agility
  • Service-oriented enterprise

Understanding the Enterprise as a Sociotechnical System of Systems, including

  • Information Systems
  • Social Networks
  • Management and Control Systems
  • Management Accounting
  • HR and Reward Systems
  • Physical Environment
Managing how Enterprise Structure affects Performance
  • Analysing Structure and Performance
  • Planning Structural Change
  • Small-scale versus large-scale
  • Short-term versus longer-term
Process Guidelines

  • Architecture Pathways
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Coordination and Governance
Personal Action Plan
  • Next actions for myself and my organization


Event Dates Location Booking
Managing Business Transformation1st March 2013 Uxbridge MiddlesexEventbrite - Business Transformation Workshop
Business Awareness Workshop8th March 2013 Uxbridge MiddlesexEventbrite - Business Awareness Workshop
Organizational Intelligence Workshop15th March 2013 Uxbridge MiddlesexEventbrite - Organizational Intelligence Workshop
Enterprise Architecture Forum 21st March 2013 West London (Holland Park)

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Business Architecture Workshop 22nd-24th April 2013Central London Iasa UK
Business Architecture Workshop 3rd-5th June 2013Uxbridge Middlesex Eventbrite - Business Architecture Workshop


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