Friday, January 04, 2013

Business Architecture Training - January 2013

The next public dates for my workshops with Unicom are as follows.

Business Awareness for IT Specialists (January 28th)
Business Architecture Series (January 29th-31st)
Organizational Intelligence in the Public Sector (February 1st)

Please tell them you saw it on my blog when you book. These workshops are also available inhouse.

Business Awareness

This is a one-day workshop designed to provide technical specialists with a broad overview of business, organization and management. Suitable as a introduction or refresher for delegates with little direct business experience or exposure.

Business Architecture Series

In place of the two-day workshop I was running last year, I have extended this to a series of three one-day workshops, which can be taken separately or together.

Modelling Business Operations Exploring process quality issues using the Activity Viewpoint, Knowledge (Information) Viewpoint and Motivation (Purpose) Viewpoint.
Modelling Business Organization Exploring business relationships and strategy, using the Capability Viewpoint, Responsibility (Organizational) Viewpoint and Cybernetic Viewpoint.
Managing Business Transformation Process guidelines and roadmap for business architects to analyse and manage structural change in large complex organizations.

The first two days are roughly equivalent to last year's workshop, and the third day is mostly new material. Therefore delegates who have already attended the 2-day workshop are advised to attend the third day only.

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