Monday, February 15, 2010

About this blog - not just SOA

Prompted by a rude comment about me that my pal Lawrence found on a Google group, I spent the weekend thinking about the title of this blog.

It's no longer just about Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), if indeed it ever was. I have always spent a lot of space talking about business architecture and enterprise architecture, believing that these topics are important in their own right, as well as essential for getting SOA right. On the more technical side, I have talked about process architecture and event architecture, as well as service architecture and engineering - again with the belief that these topics must be linked somehow. There are architectures of trust and security, architectures of knowledge, learning and intelligence, and architectural issues going beyond the boundaries of the enterprise into the ecosystem.

So I'm going to try calling it Richard Veryard on Architecture. SOA fans will continue to find useful and thought-provoking ideas about service architecture and the service-based business, and I hope to reach a few more SOA sceptics as well. Meanwhile, you may also wish to subscribe to my other blogs: Richard Veryard on Computing for general stuff on the software industry, and Demanding Change for systems thinking and organizational transformation. And I am richardveryard on Twitter.

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