Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mollusc-Driven Architecture

Thanks to Brenda Michelson, I have picked up a wonderful example of Smart SOA from Sandy Carter of IBM.

"RFID tagging blue mussels to identify oil leaks -- mussels closes, alert sent, line stopped; no mussels harmed"

According to Steve Núñez of Illation, this is done by Norwegian oil company StatOil. See Benefits of Going Green: Who Would Have Thought? I hope the alert is not sent by snailmail.

(Aside: For their role in detecting leaks, blue mussels have been dubbed the canaries of the sea. And don't miss the Statoil recipe for Manhatten Mussel Chowder!)

For a longer description, plus links to Sandy Carter's presentation, see Brenda's post Sandy Carter on Smart SOA in Tough Economic Climate.


Chris Bird said...

Once we open our minds to recognizing any "even" that happens in the world, and then have the ability to instrument it, we have some very powerful mechanisms. of course with all the data come the needs to real time analysis. Hazop (see here) can provide some assistance in how to think about this.

bmichelson said...

Richard, yes StatOil is the innovative (Smart) company here. According to Sandy, StatOil will be sharing their story at IBM's Impact conference in May.

Anonymous said...

sounds a bit like a concept that I blogged on a few years ago, HaaS (Hardware as a Service). Check it out and