Saturday, February 21, 2009

Business Capability Management

Mexican consulting firm TCDS defines Business Capability Management as a holistic management model as follows.
A Business Capability is a comprehensive ability of an organization required for meet customer expectations without exception. If an organization is going to develop sustainable competitive advantages in terms of agile core business capabilities, four strategic business capabilities need to be developed. We called them BCM Metacapabilities:

1- Value Proposition Creation (VPC)
2- Business Capability Development (BCD)
3- Capability Operation Management (COM)
4- Managed Capability Evolution (MCE)

I'm not sure about the detail of their approach, but I like the overall message, in particular the concept of metacapabilities.

What counts as holistic is of course open to debate. One obvious dimension is timescale, as in Through-Life Capability Management (AOF). But there are other dimensions.

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