Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Has SOA gone for a Burton?

When British airline pilots disappeared during the Second World War, it was said that they had "gone for a Burton". Burton (then a popular brand of ale) became a cynical euphemism for being killed in action. [For further explanation of this phrase, see World Wide Words.] So is SOA missing in action?

Anne Thomas Manes of the Burton Group writes SOA is Dead, Long Live Services. I think what Anne is saying is not that SOA is dead but that "SOA" is dead - in other words the label "SOA" is out of fashion but the reality of SOA is still with us.

Anyway, Anne's tongue-in-cheek obituary of SOA (or "SOA") has provoked a lot of good comments. We can agree that SOA has to be done properly, and that probably means in conjunction with some other stuff. See my post on Technological Perfecta.

Does SOA need a new label? Or do we need a label for some larger group of stuff? Meanwhile, my friends in the SOA world can quietly continue applying the concepts and principles of SOA to practical business problems, unbothered by all this hype.

See also SOA Retrospective (June 2009)

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