Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Credit Crunch SOA - Innovation

One of a series of posts exploring how the current economic conditions are affecting the SOA world. What are the implications for organizations and individuals?

Crisis? Hurray, Crisis!

... shouts Ron Tolido (Cap Gemini) (via JackBe)

Innovation Loves a Crisis

... boasts Jonathan Schwartz (Sun Microsystems)
  • open to change
  • technology, not headcount
  • driving down cost
  • driving up utilization
  • driving the changes that yield immediate and long term benefit

Return to the Real World

... predicts Andrew Bartels (Forrester) (via InfoWorld)

Do the Real Work

... recommends Dave Linthicum
  • don't buy into SOA just to go along with the crowd
  • insure that the solution is right for your problem domain

In Short

SOA is not the lazy option: it never was. But in a time of crisis there simply are no lazy options any more. Business survival, for vendors and users alike, means embracing new challenges. Innovation here we come.

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