Friday, August 01, 2008

IBM Flatters Finance Sector

According to an IBM Survey (June 2008)
"The banking and insurance industries lead in the maturity of their SOA deployments."

Frankly I think this is only plausible if you take a very narrow view of SOA maturity, based on a fairly limited SOA vision.

Governments typically have much more ambitious visions, especially in terms of customer service and inclusivity, and defence organizations have much more sophisticated concepts, while the finance sector merely spends a lot of money and has probably completed a larger number of worthy but dull SOA projects.

So this suggests some doubts about the robustness of IBM's maturity model. SOA maturity is about vision, not just about ability to execute, and certainly not spending power.

The survey also indicated a fairly high awareness and interest in SOA. But this was a survey of people attending an SOA conference in 2008, so that finding is not altogether surprising. The IBM press release claims that SOA deployments are on the rise, and that SOA is growing in popularity, but it would be interesting to quantify and qualify these claims. Is IBM comparing the results of the survey with the results of previous surveys? Did they ask the same questions in 2007? We aren't told.

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