Thursday, July 03, 2008


What is the relationship between SOA and ITIL?

  • Common goals - the goal of both SOA and ITIL is to improve the performance of a business’s IT systems and align and integrate them with the business (ITP Report), both ITSM and SOA were born out of the need to better align IT with the business (ComputerAssociates)
  • But SOA governance is possible without ITIL - don't tightly couple your ITIL implementation with your SOA implementation (Eric Roch)
  • Implement ITSM services in a more service-oriented manner (Kunal Mittal)

But ...

  • Confusion about terminology (esp. 'service') if SOA management is being realized following ITIL processes and guidelines (Naveen Kulkarni)

See also Mars or Venus, Saturn or Uranus (July 2008)

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Samantha said...

I loved the part about ITIL being from Mars and SOA from Venus!!!

Richard Veryard said...

Everyone references Mars and Venus because they are the nearest, and because they provide a quick and easy stereotype for relations between the genders. But I don't think the symbolism works very well in this case. It would be more accurate to characterize ITIL as being from Saturn (the planet of governance) while SOA is from Uranus (the planet of innovation).

See Wikipedia: Planets in astrology