Saturday, February 23, 2008

New CBDI Reports for IBM

Lawrence Wilkes and I have written a couple of reports commissioned by IBM.

I enjoy writing things like this with a colleague, and it often goes much quicker. See if you can tell which bits are mine and which bits are his.

Extending Business Integrity with SOA

This report considers how organizations can improve business integrity using information systems based upon the use of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Looking at typical business scenarios, it considers solutions to different business integrity requirements, and how SOA also extends those solutions to address other business requirements such as improvements to business agility, or the demands of globalization.

Not currently available. Sorry.

Extending SOA with Web 2.0

This paper describes some opportunities to extend SOA with Web 2.0, and outlines some of the IBM offerings that support these opportunities. This paper may be of interest both to IT managers who are tasked with meeting demands to make enterprise systems more responsive to new requirements and easier to access, and also line-of-business users looking to address new markets and interact better with their customers and partners.

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