Thursday, May 10, 2007

Barriers to SOA adoption

ZapThink is getting a lot of coverage from a recent post blaming the IT department as a barrier to SOA adoption. See also discussion by Todd Biske.

I went through the first couple dozen hits on Google for "barrier SOA adoption", and identified a number of competing ideas. (Some links no longer current / available.)

says CBDI

says Zapthink

says Perficient
says IDG

says InfoSys

says Vinita Gupta, journalist

says BEA
says Sandy Carter of IBM

says NSW Police

says Dana Gardner of Interarbor Solutions

says ZDNet

says IDC

Additional resources on SOA adoption

A Roadmap for SOA adoption - from the Practical Guide to Federal SOA (PGFSOA)
See also PGFSOA Version 1.1 (PDF June 2008)

CBDI Web Services Roadmap - Guiding the Transition to Web Service and SOA

Selected posts from Richard Veryard's SOAPbox blog.

Todd Biske adds

While resistance to change and the organization itself are somewhat the same thing, my instinct is that it's the broader organization that is typically the barrier, and it's usually that the entire org is resistant to change. (May 11, 2007)

Updated 18 Feb 2016

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