Friday, January 05, 2007

Software Product Lines

A little while ago, a colleague pointed me to a presentation called Synergies between Service-Oriented Architecture and Software Product Lines (pdf) by Christoph Wienands of Siemens Corporate Research.

This presentation refers to my work on Business Modelling for SOA, as well as a couple of papers by my Everware-CBDI colleague John Butler.

As Wienands reminds us, the SEI notion of Software Product Lines involves a form of twin-track development. One track produces software products, while the other track produces "core assets". This is very similar to the twin-track idea that SOA has inherited from component-based software engineering (CBSE).

Wienands gives a sketch of some software variability within Siemens - especially between the European operation (using SAP) and the US operation (using PeopleSoft). He mentions some of the dimensions of this variability, including ontology (different data models) as well as technology (different platforms). This kind of variability (and how we deal with it under SOA) is something I've talked about a lot in my Business Modelling articles and workshops.

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