Monday, December 18, 2006


The Wikipedia article on Service-Oriented Architecture is a real mess at the moment. Which is a pity, because Wikipedia is the first place many people look for simple explanations.

Obviously there are lots of vested interests and egos involved, which may make it more difficult for a high-quality article to emerge from Wikipedia's apparently anarchistic editing process. Can the service engineering community reach agreement?

Looking around Wikipedia, I found lots of (overlapping and possibly inconsistent) articles and stubs on related topics. Most of these need a lot of editorial work. As a first step, I created a category of Service Engineering to group these articles together.

Given the way Wikipedia works, someone immediately challenged this category. So I need your help. Please look at the articles grouped under the service engineering category and consider (1) whether these articles do indeed have something in common and if so (2) whether "service engineering" is a reasonable name for this category. Please contribute your opinion to the Wikipedia Talk page for this category. (Anonymous contributions are accepted, but signed contributions tend to carry more weight.)


I originally preferred the term "service engineering" to the more widely used (and abused) term "service-oriented". However, Wikipedia editorial policy is based on the criterion of notability. The service engineering category has been deleted and replaced with a category called Service-oriented (business computing).

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