Monday, July 10, 2006

BPM and SOA 3

In my previous post BPM and SOA 2, I identified two propositions.
  1. BPM and SOA are not tightly coupled. It is possible to have BPM without SOA; and it is possible to have SOA without BPM.
  2. There is synergy between BPM and SOA. There are some potential advantages from combining BPM with SOA, which are not available from BPM alone or SOA alone.
One way of analysing these two propositions is to identify the dependencies between BPM capabilities and SOA capabilities, expressed within the respective capability maturity models.

BPM Maturity and SOA Maturity

What this picture shows is that there is a fair amount of latitude - an organization may choose to push ahead with SOA first or push ahead with BPM first. But ultimately, the BPM adoption programme needs to converge with the SOA adoption programme.

[Sources for SOA Capability/Maturity]
CBDI Forum SOA Adoption Roadmap

[Selected discussion of BPM Capability/Maturity]
Peter Abrahams (Bloor) quoting Howard Smith (CSC), Jesper Joergensen (BEA), Jim Sinur (Gartner) with comments by Sandy Kemsley and Bruce Silver.

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