Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Service Rollback

[This post now updated to start as follows.] See this complaint by Stephen O'Grady, with further comments from Bill de hÓra and Alex Bosworth.
I'm not sure of the reasoning behind it, but it appears that Google may have made some behind the scenes changes to Gmail that disrupted the scripts and extensions I rely on to get the most out of my account. ... While Google probably had good reasons for making the change, it would have been great to see them be proactive and notify people of the change via their blog or some other mechanism.
Technorati rolled out its new website yesterday. Community Manager Niall Kennedy announces embedded blog claims rollback.
In the process of the relaunch we made a change to the default settings of some JavaScript embeds you may have included on your website - this was a screw-up on our part. ... We apologize for changing the code displayed on your website without notification or your explicit permission and we just rolled back to the old method.
See how easy it is? (A change to the default settings has an immediate impact on some of the consumers of the service.) See how careful you have to be? (Impact analysis, testing, notification, negotiation?) See how quickly you have to correct any errors?

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