Sunday, October 10, 2004


The so-called Global Advisory Committee of the US Department of Justice mandates SOA in its new strategic plan (pdf).

Paul Wormeli of PEC Solutions Inc (slogan: "Web-Enabling Government") describes this move as a disruptive technology, a paradigm shift, a giant leap.

Some useful background to the DOJ decision can be found in discussion minutes for Nov 10, 2003 (pdf), which includes brief comment about related SOA work.

Accelerated Information Sharing for Law
Enforcement (AISLE)
AISLE supports mission-critical public safety operations, and it automates current transactions. AISLE utilizes Web services, not just XML, and it is thought to be a good example of SOA.
Southwest Alabama Law Enforcement Tactical System (LETS) An Internet-based information delivery system designed for Alabama's law enforcement community, which successfully solved the data integration problem across 22 different data systems to deliver driver's license photos and integrate arrest records with court records through the use of Web services and SOA.
Next-generation authoring and content delivery. The objective of Workforce Connections is to collaborate with experts to identify and demonstrate innovative approaches for the twenty-first century workplace. It provides a self-service approach, where content experts directly manage their own data and where development occurs directly in the content environment online. In addition, multiple developers can collaborate online simultaneously.

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Judith Meskill relays a press release by Delegata about an SOA project for the DOJ.

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